One afternoon, while putting on a bathing suit to hang out at my pool, I became super frustrated tucking in all my parts, trying to hide my belly bulges, fixing the straps, and asking others to help me, “Can you pull the back up, and fix the straps!” I know this is an all too common experience

A little about my wardrobe; it basically consists of white, button-down shirts. So, in that moment of struggling to put my bathing suit on, this thought came to me-"I NEED a button-down bathing suit. So I went on Amazon - nothing came up. I went on Google - nothing came up. It did not exist. 

It was that summer day when I decided I would be the one to create a button-down, easy to put on, body-friendly, bathing suit. I envisioned a suit that would look classy and stylish, with smoothing and forgiving fabric, with a universally flattering cut. Something you could wear comfortable at the beach and around the pool and then throw on pants or a skirt and run errands in, because I knew the top was going to be that top you could wear with linen pants and jeans, and shorts and skirts, and just go - to lunch, grab a drink, do errands...I am super excited to see my vision through, and to think about the versatility of the top!

My determination led me to a local seamstress who agreed to make me a sample. From there, I searched high and low for the perfect fabric, ultimately landing on BAX's signature material which is part-activewear, part-swimwear, and provides the absolute best coverage. We then worked on many iterations of the suit, constantly tweaking it to become the ultimate button-down, body-friendly swim apparel!

I hope you'll get as much out of wearing a BAX suit as I do. I now look forward (well, as forward as one can feel wearing a bathing suit:) to being in my bathing suit, and can relax and enjoy the pool or beach in style!

I want you to have the same experience; no more dread around putting a bathing suit on, being self-conscious when you sit, stand or bend in a bathing suit. Done - gone are those days with BAX Swimwear!

While I love fashion and design, my day job for over 35 years, has been teaching psychology and child development classes at several universities in Maryland, where I fully enjoy encouraging students to pursue their dreams and passions. 

As a 67-year-old entrepreneur (it's never too late!), I invite you to come with me on this new journey of actually enjoying wearing a bathing suit with freedom, confidence and style!


Robin Goldstein, Founder of BAX Swimwear